About Qaim Foundation

The Qaim Foundation Australia (QFA) is a non-profit registered organization of the Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim community of Melbourne, Australia. It is serving the religious and educational needs of over 600 members of the Pashto,Urdu, Persian speaking community of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and welcome everyone from the rest of the world.


The organisation object is to pursue the following

  • To provide assistance to ageing people
  • To provide advice and support for disadvantaged young people
  • To assist people with disabilities
  • To provide educational classes for young people
  • To support newly arrived refugees
  • To provide support to those who are disadvantaged
  • To promote and maintain unity and brotherhood among our community within and outside Australia
  • To promote our ethnic background, cultural activities and language
  • To establish and maintain religious and ethic values
  • To arrange programs, events, occasions and social gatherings
  • To Arrange educational seminars and conferences
  • To maintain our cultural heritage
  • To arrange sporting and cultural events
  • To arrange a New Years festival
  • To provide premises, offices, library facilities, community halls and schools for those practising our faith and culture
  • To ensure that steps are taken to advance progress and security in moral, social and cultural life of our community in Australia with the objective of enabling them to attain and maintain their rightful and honoured place amongst other communities of Australia and make their full contribution towards peace, prosperity and progress of Australia
  • To promote, organise and encourage religious, cultural and educational activities for the youth of our community
  • To raise funds to carry out of objects
  • To provide opportunities for students of the community including scholarships
  • To provide funeral services to standard members of our community
  • To provide our cultural marriages.

More Object

  • Sunday School during the day for Children.
  • Tuesday: *After Maghrib and Isha prayers – Duaa Tawassul in Main Hall.
  • Thursday: *After Maghrib and Isha prayers – Duaa Kumayl and Lecture
  • Jumah Pray
  • Ramadan – Prayers, Iftar, Duaa and Lectures every night
  • Muharram – Pastho, urdu, English Programs held for the 10 nights
  • And many other classes and programs during the year include Wiladath and Shahadth.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    In mid-term or long-term future of Qaim Foundation Vis to grow and provide all type of service to members, and importantly to spread the message of QAIM to non Muslim living in Australia.

  • Mission

    Our core mission is to accomplish important project to buy our own centre, and the committee have already sketched plan. Having our own Centre will success our vision, value and mission, and we truly belief that we can accomplish this project with the help of Allah.

Qaim Foundation warmly welcomes anyone who wishes to learn more about Islam or our community to contact us or visit our community management. This website has been designed to support our community members needs and concern.

If you have any ideas or further information would like us to include or suggestions for improvement please feel free to get in touch with Management Committee members.

Please Donate

“Generosity is to help a deserving person without his request, and if you help him after his request, then it is either out of self-respect or to avoid rebuke.”
— Imam Ali (a.s.), Nahjul Balagha

Member Account:

Bank: Westpac

BSB: 033 092

ACC: 448478