Dua-e-Faraj (Ilahi Azamul Bala)

Invocation for the Advent of the Imam of our time (atfs)

دعائے فرج
إلهي عظم البلاء وبرح الخفاء
O my Lord! The calamity has aggravated; the absence prolonged;
وانكشف الغطاء وانقطع الرجاء ،
The curtain of modesty has been lifted; hope has been curtailed;
وضاقت الأرض ومنعت السماء
The earth has been narrow; and sky has been denied.
وأنت المستعان وإليك المشتكى
And You are the One from whom help is sought and complaints are made
وعليك المعول في الشدة والرخاء ،
And in You we trust in the times of difficulty.
اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد
O Allah! Send blessings upon Muhammad (S) and the progeny of Muhammad (S),
أولي الأمر الذين فرضت علينا طاعتهم
The possessors of authority whose obedience you have enjoined upon us
عرفتنا بذلك منزلتهم
And by that made us aware of their position.
ففرج عنا بحقهم فرجاً عاجلاً قريب
Then make open for us, by their truth, an immediate opening,
اً كلمح البصر أو هو أقرب
immediate as a wink or sooner.
يا محمد ياعلي، ياعلي يامحمد
O Muhammad! O ‘Ali! O ‘Ali! O Muhammad!
أكفياني فإنكما كافيان
Suffice me both of you as both of you are sufficient.
وانصراني فإنكما ناصران
Help me—two of you—for you are my helpers.
يا مولانا ياصاحب الزمان
O our Master, O Master of the Time!
الغوث الغوث الغوث
Help! Help!
أدركني أدركني أدركني
Rescue me! Rescue me! Rescue me!
الساعة الساعة الساعة
This moment! This moment! This moment!
العجل العجل العجل
Hasten, hasten, hasten!
يا أرحم الراحمين
O Most Merciful of the Merciful,
بحق محمد وآله الطاهرين
For the sake of Muhammad (S) and his holy progeny.